Star and Jay Go to Club Oyster

Star was a voluptuous blonde from the Australian Outback. She was raised in the rough and tumbleweeds in the middle of nowhere in Australia so she vowed to become a city girl when she grew up. Little did she know her wish would come true. She got a chance to move to London for college. She was a brilliant girl so she got a scholarship for a graphic design undergrad degree at a London university.

After she graduated she got a job as a graphic designer at a design firm in London. One day she was at a bookstore. In the bookstore, there was a café where you could sit with your laptop and do your work. One weekend she decided to go. She sat there dutifully doing her work on her laptop while sipping on her hot coffee. Then she decided she needed to go outside to have a cigarette. It had been hours since she had one. It would be an ordeal. Someone would need to watch her computer and all of her belongings.

She saw a handsome boy sitting across from her and figured he looked trustworthy. Why not ask him to watch her things for her. He did and she came back and her things were still there. They started to chat. Then she needed another cigarette so she invited the boy out to have a cigarette with her. She found out his name was Jay and he lived in Notting Hill, London.

After having chatted they decided why not go for a beer. So they both left the bookstore and met at a pub in Piccadilly Circle called McFly. They had fun over beer and didn’t want the night to end yet so she asked him if he would like to go to a club. He said sure. He loved the clubs in London. He especially liked house music and he knew an awesome club called Oyster. “How about we go to Oyster?” Jay said. “Sure,” Star replied.

They went and had fun at Oyster. She danced. He sat and watched her danced. After having had a few beers she said to him, “If you would like to seduce me, how about dancing with me heart to heart?” He saw she was excited. She had a sparkle in her eyes that beckoned him. He smiled. He was not sure if he would like to dance. He preferred to sit and watch her dance. He was mesmerized and loved her contours and curves and how she was oblivious to those dancing around her. He loved her outfit. She was wearing a tight, white sleeveless top that buttoned up, white pants that hugged her body. He was in awe. She looked innocent and pure, but sexy at the same time.

After they tired of dancing they both went back to her place. They had cigarettes on the stairwell of his apartment. They talked. Well, mostly she talked. She seemed to talk non-stop. After that night they saw each other once in a while, but not much. He thought she had forgotten about him so he never bothered to call her.

He thought she was probably busy and was afraid to call and get rejected. One day, he was shopping at Harrods and he spotted her. She was wearing a military green tank top and she seemed to be holding a pile of towels and bed sheets and pillowcases. Jay went over to talk to her. He said, “Hey there darling. How are you? I haven’t heard from you in a while.” Star replied, “Oh yes, I’ve been busy. I just moved into my new flat. I’m shopping for some towels and bed sheets, pillowcases, you know the must-haves for my bedroom.” “That’s lovely,” Jay replied.

He wanted to know if she wanted to have lunch with him, but he couldn’t get himself to ask. He thought she might say no. She looked busy, but then Star said to him, “Want to go for fish and chips and some beer?” He said, “Sure.” So they went and had lunch. They chatted and had fun. He was glad they saw each other again, but she seemed unavailable. To her, he too seemed unavailable. They liked each other, but they didn’t seem to click quite right so after their lunch, they called each other once in a while. They went to dinner here and there, but not hang out much.

Then one day Jay got a phone call. It was Star. Star said she was going to Japan tomorrow for work and she was wondering if he would like to have dinner at a Japanese restaurant. She was craving sushi and mango juice she said. He agreed. Of course, he was going to agree. He was not going to see her for a while. They went to the Japanese restaurant. They had a lovely time at dinner.

Then they went back to her flat and she sat on the couch and he sat next to her. He noticed she looked sad. He touched her face and he said, “You have a bit of rice on your cheek.” She touched his hand and said, “Oh thanks for letting me know. Must be some leftover sushi. I’m sleepy now.” Jay replied, “Okay, I’ll go. I’ll let you rest.” She said, “No.” She was hoping to get a kiss. They had never kissed. Their relationship had always been platonic, but she did fancy him. Actually, she more than fancied him. “Well, you need rest before your flight tomorrow. And I have to get home it is getting a bit late.” “Alright,” resigned Star. Jay left and that was that.

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The Girl with the Green Shoes Part IV

Eva Gives Joe a Gift Certificate and Joe Gives Eva a Sweater

After the Halloween party, Eva and Joe started hanging out more often. The two met up at the gym in the mornings and then afterward the two would go back to Joe’s apartment where Joe would cook breakfast for the two of them. Often times he made scrambled eggs with spinach. He found the recipe from Men’s Health Magazine. The ingredients were six egg whites, two full eggs, ham, cheese, and spinach. According to Men’s Health magazine, it was the perfect breakfast food because it was fuel for the body and could help you build muscles.

The holidays were coming up so the mall had Santa Claus. Eva’s mom had called her and asked her to take her little brother to the mall to see Santa. Eva called Joe to see if he would come and he said he would so Eva, her little brother, and Joe went to the mall, stood in line to see Santa and after a few hours all three got to meet Santa. Afterward, they went shopping for gifts for each other. They went to store after store in the mall to get an idea as to what to get each other, but they did not buy the gifts that day in order to keep the gifts a secret.

The next day Eva decided not to buy Joe a present from the mall. She decided to get him a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant in Rochester, Outback Steakhouse. That way they could go and have a lovely dinner there someday. Joe; however, decided to go back to the mall to get Eva’s gift. They hung onto the gifts they had purchased until the day before Christmas break started when they presented each other the gifts because Joe was going home to North Carolina for Christmas break. Eva opened her gift first and she saw that it was a beautiful gray sweater with a blue stripe across the chest. She absolutely loved it. Then Joe opened his and it was a gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse. After exchanging gifts and ooh-ing and aah-ing over their gifts the two kissed for the first time. Later that night they went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse and had a marvelous time.

The Girl with the Green Shoes Part III

It was Halloween and Eva and Joe were going to a party. Eva dressed up as an alien and Joe dressed up as a pirate. Joe drove them to the party, they found a parking spot near the house where the party was going to be held, got out of the car and were walking towards the house. “I can’t wait to play beer pong. Will you play on my team?” said Eva. “Yeah, I’ll play on your beer pong team, but I’m not drinking the beer,” replied Joe. Eva laughed and said, “You dork. You need to drink.” Joe said, “No thanks.” Eva didn’t want to peer pressure him so she said, “Yeah, okay that’s fine you don’t have to drink.”

As the two neared the house they heard someone yell, “Eva get in the car right now.” Eva turned and saw it was her ex-boyfriend James. He was in his white Lexus and driving closer to them. Eva turned to Joe and said, “Umm, that’s my ex-boyfriend. He’s drunk. He wants me to get in the car. We need to hide. Run with me to the next street over.” The two ran until they could not see James anymore.

Joe unsure of what just happened asked, “Who was that and why was he yelling at you? Is he your ex-boyfriend? Are you two broken up?” Eva replied, “Oh that was James. We didn’t exactly break up, break up. I just sort of stopped talking to him because I think he was cheating on me this past summer. It’s not a big deal we’re over. He knows we’re over. I have not picked up his calls, but I think he’s drunk right now and is under the impression he can yell at me to get me back.” Joe said, “Uhuh. He seems really rude. I can’t believe you were with him.” Eva said, “Yeah, tell me about it. He yells at everyone. We were in a restaurant in New York City this summer and he yelled at our waiter. And I mean yelled at the waiter, not just be rude to the waiter, he actually yelled.” Joe replied, “Yeah, maybe he was not a good boyfriend for you after all.” Eva said, “For real, yeah, no, he’s not a nice person to be dating.”

Instead of going to the party Eva and Joe ended up walking around the streets just talking, laughing, and having a good time. Eva turned to Joe and said, “Hey, I’m having a lot of fun just taking a walk with you and chatting. I think we should skip the party.” Joe replied, “Yes, great idea because your psycho ex-boyfriend might be there and try to pick a fight with me.” Eva found out that just being with Joe was more fun than playing beer pong at a party and getting trashed. And that was the start of Eva turning sober. She realized she didn’t need to drink alcohol to have fun. She just needed to be hanging out with the right person.

The Girl with the Green Shoes Part II

After having gone on their grocery store adventure Eva and Joe exchanged phone numbers and added each other on Facebook. The two chatted on Facebook and one day Eva convinced Joe to go to a dinner date with her to King and I.

The two were seated in the booth at the back of the restaurant. They talked to each other about their classes and their projects. It was another one of those get to know each other moments and it was just mostly small talk.

Then Eva got the idea to make the conversation more interesting by asking Joe what he first thought of when he first saw her. He replied, “I saw you and thought you were beautiful and I instantly knew I would be going on a date with you. What did you think when you first saw me?” She replied, “I thought you looked very innocent, handsome, and I actually thought you were a freshman.” The two laughed. He said, “Are you disappointed I’m a senior and not a freshman?” “No because you being a senior means you’ll be able to help me with my projects,” she replied. “Oh, what do you need help with?” said Joe. “Umm, I need your help in making a website for my photography portfolio pieces. I’ll pay you $50,” she said. “Sure I can. You don’t need to pay me though it will be easy,” he replied.

The next morning Eva got her photography pieces ready. She turned them into jpegs as Joe had suggested. She also made sure they were retouched and sized for the web. Afterward, she put her images in a USB flash drive. She then designed the layout of what her site was going to look like. She just drew it on a piece of paper. She figured it would be good enough and Joe would know what she was trying to have her site look like.

After all of the planning for her site was finished Eva drove to Joe’s apartment and gave Joe her USB flash drive. She showed him her drawing of what she wanted her site to look like. Joe then designed her site and uploaded it and for the first time in her life, Eva had a portfolio site of her own. She was ecstatic and very proud of it. She showed it to her friends. They told her her site was awesome and her photography pieces were beautiful.

Of course, after all of Joe’s hard work, Eva wanted to repay Joe. She tried to pay him $50 again, but Joe refused. So Eva got an idea. “How about we go on a movie date and I’ll pay?” she said. “I would love that,” he replied. So the two went to Regal Henrietta and saw a romantic comedy and had a great time.